We'll keep your kitchen canopy clean and fire safe with our Fat Buster Service.

Lower Canopy Cleans

Whether you are a hotel, restaurant or local corner take away, all canopies need to be cleaned, at Fat Busters we use proven methods of removing grease and flammable residues from the interior surfaces of the hood, this ensures compliance with all applicable fire, insurance and health codes.

Full System Clean

Lower Canopy Clean + Upper Canopy + Ducting + Fan
We clean what you see in the canopy, but more importantly we clean what you don't see. We clean the entire system starting from the canopy, then the upper canopy directly behind the filters, then ducting and then the fan on the roof. We will always clean the system back to bare metal, which elevates the fire hazard.

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"Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group (ALH) chose Fat Busters to clean selected Sunshine Coast venues over the last 7 years. Based on their performance, pricing and professional conduct, Fat Busters is now our preferred choice of cleaner for our extraction systems in all of our Hotels throughout Queensland & NSW.

Based on the professional relationship that ALH has developed with Fat Busters, I can recommend the services that Fat Busters provide."

Trevor Smith, National Food Manager, ALH Group


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